Elsa EDC, Economic Development Corporation and Elsa IDC, Industrial Development Corporation are dedicated to increasing the quality of life for residents through innovative and proactive solutions to socio-economic conditions experienced daily by residents.

EDC Mission Statement

The City of Elsa Economic Development Corporation
4BEDC is committed to providing comprehensive collaboration aimed
at improving the overall quality of life for residents occupying the area
focusing on housing, economic development, infrastructure, education,
environment, recreation, human capital capacity building, public safety and security.

EDC/IDC Council Members

President - Antonio Barco

Vice-President - Esmer Trevino

Secretary - Victor Hernandez

Walo Bazan

Frances Rocha

Eli Rodriguez

Robert Escobar

Ricardo Sanchez

Danny Marichalar

IDC Mission Statement

The City of Elsa Industrial Development Corporation
4AIDC is committed to providing support and facilitation in the development
of industrial and manufacturing businesses and jobs in the City of
Elsa, Texas.

Agenda & Minutes

Contact City Hall to get agendas that are older than 6 months.

Quick Facts

  • 15 minutes to Interstate 2

  • 15 minutes to Interstate 69 C

  • Less than 15 miles from U.S. and Mexico boarder

  • 30,000 people in 5 sq. mi. radius

  • Development incentives available

Start a business in Elsa.