The City of Elsa Mayor, City Manager and staff strive to increase the quality of Life for ALL residents in the city and in the Delta region.

City Secretary

City Secretary

Ms. Delmira Yanez

The City Secretary’s office performs administrative and legislative functions and processes in accordance with the City Charter, State laws, and City ordinances and policies. The City Secretary’s office:

  • Gives notice of and records City Commission meetings as well as any other board meetings assigned by the City Manager.
  • Responsible for all official records and documents of the City including City Commission meeting minutes, ordinances, resolutions, deeds, easements, contracts, birth and death records and proclamations
  • Keeps abreast of legislative changes in elections, and coordinates the administration of all City Elections
  • Responsible for the City of Elsa Records Management program
  • Serves as local registrar of birth and death records
  • Safeguards and improves the public assess to records, documents and files of the City, including responding to requests for information
  • Responsible for the issuance of certain permits for various operations within the City of Elsa
  • Responsible for receiving and handling Public Information requests