The City of Elsa Mayor, City Manager and staff strive to increase the quality of Life for ALL residents in the city and in the Delta region.

Parks and Recreation Department

Director of Parks and Recreation

Mr. Louis Segura

The purpose of the Parks and Recreation department if to beautify the parks and develop recreational standards commensurate with the need of our community by continuously exploring options that will improve our system and enhance participant’s park and recreation experience. The purpose of the Parks and Recreation Department is to provide, protect and preserve a park system that promotes quality recreational, cultural and outdoor experiences for the Elsa community.

Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

For more information on this board contact City Manager JJ Ybarra at (956) 262-2127


  • Chairperson - Jason Pena
  • Vice Chairperson - Albert Segura
  • Secretary - Mary Gutierrez
  • Antonio Barco III
  • Anthony Rodriguez